hi there, STILLBORN

1. So first, can you introduce you, your band and why are you decided to start a band?

2. How did Stillborn start, take us to the times when your band was just an idea.

First of all, sorry for my bad English, haha!
My name is Ray, I’m a 25 years old vegan straight edge kid from Austria and I play drums in STILLBORN.
The rest of the gang is: my brother Mike on the vocals, Andy plays the guitar and Martin shreds the bass machine.

We started a band called CHARLY BONE back in 2009. At the beginning it was some kind of fun/side project (which explains the silly name). However, things have changed after a while and it became more and more a “real” band.

Years passed by, we grew older, our sound changed a few times and our lyrics started addressing more serious topics focused on more serious things.

One day we just lost the connection to the goofy named hardcore punk band we once were. We wanted to start some serious shit. We wanted to spread a positive message, to play heavy hardcore songs, go wild on stage, travel around and enjoy our time as best friends. So we decided to start STILLBORN. Boom! Haha!


3. What has changed since you started a band until now?

Hmmm…What has changed? Since we started a band we have met a lot of awesome people, have made new friends, have seen cool places and have had a lot of great experiences like that.

And I’m sure that all these experiences and all these moments influence our daily lives in some kind of way. So I’m really thankful to share this important time of my life with these lovely people!
I think we also grow as musicians with every single day.

4. Can you describe the kind of views for which you stand as a band?

Veganism and animal rights are really important to us! Everyone in STILLBORN is vegan and we always offer free information and stickers about animal rights at our shows.

But we also talk about other serious things on stage such as sexual harassment, homophobia, sexism and all that bullshit which spreads so much hate around the world. 

I think it´s really important to keep that whole “Hardcore is more than music” attitude alive.
When someone shows up at our merch table (usually I do the merch) and says things like “You guys inspired me to go vegetarian/vegan” or “your words tonight on stage meant a lot to me” - THAT means the world to me!

5. What are band’s future plans?
The usual band things I guess.
Traveling around the world, playing a lot of shows, writing music, doing records, spreading a positive message, having a good time together, … 

At the moment we are about to release a new 7inch EP called “Forced”. We expect it to be released this summer.

6. Were you guys in any other band before Stillborn?

As I mentioned earlier, we have already played in the band CHARLY BONE together.

Years ago Andy, Martin and me also had some kind of Thrash/Death/Metalcore band before CHARLY BONE. So we have already spent a lot of time in the practice room together.

7. Which message do you want to convey to people with your music?

 Our intention is it to inform people about the cruelty and insanity of killing, torturing and exploiting animals.

From our point of view it’s completely wrong to abuse and kill these innocent living beings just for the human cause. It´s totally unnecessary!
We are not a finger-pointing band and we definitely don’t want to be preachy or something like that.

Rather we want to inform people about the truth and inspire people to open up their hearts and minds. Clear your mind; open your eyes and you will see all the mad things which go completely wrong on this planet.

8. Which of formats do you prefer and why? (CD, vinyl..)

 I grew up with CDs and maybe that’s the reason why I prefer them. But I really love vinyl too!

Especially artwork and stuff like that.
As long as the music sounds good to me I don´t care about the format. And I´m not a sound Gourmet, hahaha!

9. Who introduced you to Hardcore?
There wasn’t any special person who introduced me to Hardcore.
I grew up as a metal kid and someday I got into Metalcore bands like HEAVEN SHALL BURN and MAROON.

I was overwhelmed by the brutal sound and the fact that these bands really had something to say. Due to these bands I also discovered things like veganism, animal rights or straight edge. One thing led to another and I discovered Hardcore.

The more I got into it, the more I loved it! The lyrics, the music, the message, DIY, fanzines, politics, the energy and so on. It was mind blowing!
Hardcore means a lot to me but unfortunately there are a lot of douchebags in this scene too.


10. And if this person/people never introduced you Hardcore, what do you think your life would be?
I would be a vegan straight edge metal kid, hahaha! ;)

11. If you could change one thing about the scene, what would you change?

 I would love to see the whole Hardcore-Gossip-Internet-Society fall apart! Hardcore has a HUGE gossip problem! “My friend’s friend cousin knows somebody who said this and that about this band… blablabla” or still my absolute favourite

“Somebody on Facebook(!) wrote this and that about their singer, guitar player etc.”
But if I really could change just one thing, I’d like to see more open minded people in the scene.

12. On what point is your band different from others? 

Our singer Mike, he is a beast. Do you know “The Beauty and the Beast”?  Mike is the Beast. I swear! Haha!
We aren’t much different compared to other bands. We are just four vegan dudes who do what they love the most.


13. What band would you most like to share the stage with?

Maroon – They are a huge inspiration to me.

14. Who writes lyrics for you?
My brother, Mike and me.

15.  Can you remember your first show, tell us something about it.
I think our first show with Mike on the vocals was back in summer 2009 in Vienna. Charly Bone was the opening band for CATILINA (RIP), LIONHEART and xREPRESENTx.

It was a lot of fun (although our song writing wasn’t the best at this time)
I also remember a very smelly sweater there, but I won’t go into detail about this, haha!

Our first show with Stillborn was in summer 2013, also in Vienna. We shared the stage with MAKE MY DAY and BITTER VERSES.
It was a great feeling to play the new songs and to be back on stage again.

16. What is your home scene like?
The Hardcore scene in Vienna is like every other scene in big cities, I guess. People come, people go.

There are trends, ups and downs but there are still the same passionate people who built the foundation of the scene back then.

17. Best/Worst thing about touring?

 The best thing about touring is to meet lovely people, see new places,watch the landscapes on the ride and just have a good time.

To me every single moment on tour is something special.

The worst things are van problems and getting robbed I guess, haha!

18. What current Hardcore bands do you support?
Earth Crisis, Barren, Public Domain, First Blood, Bane, xBishopx, Demonwomb, Punch, Empty Handed, Wolf Down, Bitter Verses, Torso, xKingdomx, … This list could be endless..

19. What is your most interesting story/experience while on tour/concert?

Oh, there are so many… I’ll pick a funny one ;)
We were on our way home from Germany (we played a show in Augsburg together with NO SECOND CHANCE, MALEVOLENCE, xVICIOUSx and FELONY).

Two friends of ours had joined this trip too.
We drove on the highway and were looking for a gas station because we were about to run out of gas. We thought: “we are driving on a damn big highway, have seen a lot of gas stations at our outward journey, there HAS to be a gas station within the next couple of miles!” 

And we drove, and drove, aaaaand drove but still no gas station in sight. Suddenly the van started to slow down, the engine turned off… we really ran out of gas! With the last push we managed to a height of the street and then we saw it - A GOD DAMN GAS STATION! Unfortunately the gas station was on a hill beside of the highway!

So we rolled downhill the height of the highway and used the push to get as far as we can. Nevertheless it wasn’t far enough, haha! So everyone jumped out of the van and pushed it up that hill. Everyone, except one friend of ours, haha!

He had drunk too much that night and fell asleep back in the van. After a while of pushing, laughing and screaming he woke up (looked very confused), jumped out of the van, started pushing too and asked me “What the hell happened? What are we doing here?” Hahaha!

We pushed the van through a traffic circle and finally reached the gas station. Our lungs hurt due to the cold air that night (it was October) but anyway, we laughed our asses off. Good times, hahaha!

20. What does Hardcore mean to you personally?

 Hardcore means a lot to me. It always given and still gives me the opportunity to express myself, to express my feelings and the way I am.

Hardcore opened up my mind in so many ways and I´m really thankful about that.

21. Do people in your country Hardcore scene makes differences between each other? Like there are  kids who are into Hardcore only because it is cool and kids who really love Hardcore. 
Sure, there are always kids in the hardcore scene because they think it is “cool” or “trendy”. The most important things to those people are to look cool, to be the king in the moshpit, the question who has the most tattoos and so on…

However I don’t care too much about those people. They are just consuming the music. They come and go.
The only thing that bothers me about them is that they make Hardcore look like a fucking joke. However there’s no need to worry as they are usually dropped out after 1-2 years.

22. What is your opinion on “crowd killing”?

 If you are at a Hardcore show just for beating up other kids then get the fuck out! You don’t belong there!

And if you want to play the fucking king: expect resistance!

 23. There’s a lot of sexism in the Hardcore scene, what do you think about this problem?

Sad but true.

Sexism still is a worldwide problem and the Hardcore scene is no exception.
It’s up to every single one of us to make a change. Start questioning this whole fucked up system, start with yourself, start at your local scene.

If you see sexist behaviour, don’t close your eyes, react! If you suffer because of sexist behaviour, react! If you are too afraid or ashamed to react, share your experiences with your friends or family! Sexism is just unacceptable!

Our song “No means No” (Forced EP) deals with the problem of “cat calling” and street/sexual harassment (which ends, if the worst comes to the worst, in rape)
WAR ON WOMEN, a feminist Hardcore/Punk band from Baltimore, inspired me to write this song.

 24. Thank you so much for doing this! Do you have some last words, shout outs or quotes?

 Thank you for the interview!
Thanks for checking us out!

FB : https://www.facebook.com/stillbornhc

MERCH : http://stillbornhc.bigcartel.com/

MUSIC : http://stillbornhc.bandcamp.com/



Well obviously we have a mosh warrior in the pit. He is walking on your head, snatching the change up, so you all need to hide, hide your girlfriends and hide your merch because he is crowd killing everybody out here. I am okay with moshing, i do it all the time at the concert , but one thing what bothers me is crowd killing. Are you out of your mind?

-You are beating up kids for no reason, do you think that you are fucking GG Allin? No you are not. I think you have ego complex because you are beating up ordinary people.

- And for the record, to the people I’m talking about. You look straight up fucking ridiculous stomping around waving your arm everywhere like you’re walking in the dark trying to find what is in front of you. Stop that, (anon) its embarrassing everybody. Please , poop yourself and eat it because i think your God is GG Allin. Yep , you are everything and “our” kids are your kids. Get a life, have fun at the concert but no with beating up people, please.


1. Who showed you this lifestyle?

I know (not so many) people who are vegetarians, just only few people who are even vegans. But there was nobody concrete who showed me it. My vegan friends taught me some tips, but I was my own teacher :) I have learnt a lot about healthy lifestyle, I have learnt a lot about eating habbits and its influence to us, to animals and realized I dont want to hurt anybody and anything, not myself, not the animals.

2. What made you take the step to exclude meat and other animal products from your diet?

1. At first I refused to eat meat because I didnt want to kill animals. Animals are our friends, they dont hurt us at all. But we hurt them so much. Its so sad. I love animals, sometimes more than people  Its the main reason why I am vegan,

 I dont eat my friends, nobody has to suffer because of me. In my opinion nobody has right to give judgments of anybodys life, not even animals. For me eating meat is just an addiction same like smoking, drinking alcohol or taking drugs and people cant stop to eat it even they know its not okay at all. I have seen so many videos how animals suffer at slaughter houses, in dairy industry too. Its intolerable! 

Everybody with heart cant permit it. Another reason is my body. Im sportman, always interested in healthy living. As I said I have learnt a lot about food, about human body and realized the truth that we are herbivora and animals products are harmful for us. 

Its not consumable and thats why so many people suffer cancer and similar dangerous diseases. So for me there is no other way, just be vegan and be happy with myself 

3. For how long have you been vegan?

 I was vegetarian for almost two years, now I have been vegan for more than a year. Its not so long but its a good start Im looking forward to be vegan for my whole life, hope I will get it and nothing change my mind :)

4. Do you feel any contrast, health-wise, between your present eating habits and your vegan period?Of course I do. Im vegan and I dont suffer any of diseases. Im not sick, I dont have flu, my digestion is perfect. I feel healthier, full of life, full of energy, even feel I look prettier.

5. What food products do you use on daily basis?

1. If you are vegan you have to eat very variously way. Its true that single-sided nutrition can damage your body. Thats why vegan has to cook a lot,. Restaurants dont offer qualitative meals for vegans. Maybe its not a problem in other countries, but our country is poor in this way. 

I eat mostly vegetable and fruit, but its important to eat a lot of cereals, legumen, nuts and oils. I use soya or cereal alternatives of meat too. You can buy a lot of kinds of plant- milk. I can prepare almost every single basic meal without animals product. 


6.Can you share your best veggie tip?

Haha, Im not sure what should I say :) I love cooking and I think Im good at it. You can find some of my meals on Instragram- hashtag „mythraart„. If you are interested in any of meal, just contact me and I will write you a recipe :) Hope, one day I will have my own vegan cook book or at least web site :) Easy veggie tips? Use avocado, its delicious and very healthy. I eat it very often. And another tip I have one tea spoon of poppy oil every single morning because of  B12 vitamin. My vegan friend told me almond oil was very healthy too. I havent tried it yet.

7. How did your family/friends/boyfriend react?

1. I have the best boyfriend on this planet and even he is not total vegan, he supports me a lot. He became vegetarian after we started to date, so Im really happy that my lifestyle inspired him. But because we live together,

 I am vegan and I am the main cook in our kitchen, he is vegan for 80% :) He loves my food, loves my lifestyle and tries to be vegan, maybe just needs his time. Even though Im really proud of him :) My family tries to respect me, but honestly, parents arent very happy that I live this way.

 My father is typical flesheater from village and doesnt understand it at all. 

8. Where do you draw inspiration to recipes?

I studied Hotel Academy where cooking was a part of studies. I worked in restaurant for 3 years, too. Although I wasnt vegan and it wasnt vegan cooking, working there gave me some experiences. But still think cooking is my native talent :) 

Sometimes I have inspiration from recipes from the Internet, sometimes just open the fridge and cook delicious meal by myself. 

9. Do you have any “vegan tattoos”? What and where?

1. Yes, I do. My favorite one is cuttlery in „X„ shape with „V„ as veganism on my face :) Its on my left cheek and Im really proud of it. It expresses my love to cooking and to veganism. „X„ is a sign of Straight Edge philosophy I live with.


I have a little pig hunting little red heart on my shoulder too. I draw the designs of both of them, even tattooed piggy by myself :) There will be more vegan tattoos on my body in future for sure :)

10. What do you think about people who despise veganism?

 Im not here to judge others. I live my best, do my best, my conscience is clear and I am happy. I just can say Im sorry about those who dont care about themselves, animals and our planet in general. 

11. Thank You for your time, if you have got any last words GO ON!

You are very welcome :) Thank you for the opportunity to say my feelings to the world. I hope at least one person likes my ideas and thinks about it more. Maybe there will be another „new„ vegan on this planet just because of me :) 

For everyone who considers to change their life, I should say that its not so easy to become vegan, mainly the beginning because of our eating habbits, but its totally worth it. Go for it, change yourself, change the world and be happy :)


Mirka X Mythra

Photos : Juraj Bartos

if you do not know IRON

1.Hey, how is your day?

 Hey! I’ve been a bit sick the last couple of days, but otherwise life’s good.

 2.So as is customary first introduce you, your band, who are IRON and where are you from?

 IRON is Thomas (me!) on vocals, Carl-Johan on drums, Yohanna on bass and Erik on guitar. We’re from Malmö in the very south of Sweden.


3.What straight edge and vegan lifestyle means to you and to other members? How did you became edge and vegan?

 I can only speak for myself, but the vegan straight edge is immensely important to me, both personally and politically. Personally, I want to meet life’s challenges with clear eyes and a strong mind, so I can always try to be constructive and empowering.

 Politically, being edge is an expression of solidarity with all the victims of intoxication culture and a way to promote effective resistance against the status quo. If you’re gonna fight, you gotta know what you’re doing. So if you’re gonna fight, fight sober. 

 Being vegan is a question of animal rights and environmental decency. The animal industry is such a fucking waste of lives and resources that I get filled with rage just by thinking of it. 

I got into punk and hardcore in 1994, at the same time as bands like Refused and Earth Crisis broke through. Hardcore was huge then, and there was a lot of discussion about politics, straight edge and animal rights. I just felt it made sense to me.

 4. What is your home scene like?

 The scene in Malmö is great. Tons of really good bands and dedicated kids. The only bad thing are the lack of venues for all ages shows. Almost all shows are in bars.

5.What do you do when you are not touring?

 I am a tattoo artist, Erik works in a vegan warehouse, Carl-Johan takes care of people with disabilities and Yohanna is a student. When we’re not on tour or practicing we hang out, eat pizza, take part in social movements, work out and go to shows. 

 6.What can we expect next from IRON?

 We’re releasing our new album, Desperate Fight, in may. We’re also trying to get a tour organized around september.


7.Can you tell us story behind your new album? What are songs about? And what are your 2 favorite songs from album and story behind the lyrics?

The songs cover various things we find important to discuss, from veganism, science & space, to gender issues.

 My two favourite songs are Get Out! and Songs of War. Get Out! is about sexism and homo/transphobia in the hardcore scene. Songs of War is about class struggle, fighting and winning. It’s also about the power of music and the way it unites us and creates common ground. 

9.Have you any favorite new, old bands? Introduce us some.

 There are so many bands that have been extremely important to me throughout the years, almost all of them from the 80’s & 90’s. Final Exit, 108, Bad Brains, Snapcase, Earth Crisis, Refused, Catharsis, DS-13, His Hero is Gone, Misfits, Amebix, Breach, Ebba Grön, Integrity etc etc. 

 „Newer“ bands you should check out are Night Fever, Hårda Tider, Concrete Cross, Primitve Rites, No Fealty, Låt Dom Hata Oss, Agent Attitude, Foreseen, xrepentancex and about a thousand that I forgot or don’t know about.

10.Have you any favorite show yet and if yes why is that show your favorite?

 We’ve had a lot of really cool shows and it’s hard to choose which one was the best. Prague was awesome, Kassel was amazing, we’ve also done a couple of shows in Stockholm that were super cool. Sorry, can’t choose. Every show where people let loose and go insane.

 Thank you for your time, if you have got any last words , just say them right now.

 Thank you so much for your interest in us, thank you for doing your zine (so cool!) and thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak my mind.

Go vegan, stay vegan and think about space. Space is the place. 


My name is Bianca. I am from Slovakia/Bratislava. I am 16 years old and i am studying at Italian high school. 


For me hardcore music/scene means a lot in my life, so i decided to return everything good that hardcore gave to me by writing this zine.

and also it is great opportunity for me to start improving my englishhah

So i just wanna thanks everybody who read this little zine, and i want to thanks Outcasst crew and hard-core.sk for sharing my webzine with friends.

contact : brokenbzine@gmail.com or https://www.facebook.com/bianca.krajcovicova

Little interview with MAKE MY DAY

1. So first can you introduce yourself, your band and how your band was founded?

Hey I’m Benni, I live in Vienna, Austria and i play bass guitar in the band Make My Day. Make My Day was founded in fall 2011 and after some line up changes I started to play in this band, because their old bassist left the band. First I was just a fill-in for their european tour with Bitter Verses in september 2013 and after the tour they wanted me to stay.


2. How did the name Make My Day came out?

-„Go ahead, make my day.“  - Dirty Harry

It’s from Clint Eastwoods movie Sudden Impact and I think the others really love this movie haha.

3.What is your favorite band right now? And what band is your ultimate favorite?

  in the last few months I mostly listened to Balance & Composure and Brand New, two really amazing bands! It’s hard to say which is my absolutely favourite band but I think it’s Rise Against and Title Fight. But I like the old stuff of both bands more than the new stuff, but they are also really good.

 4.Who introduced you and got you into hardcore? It was a band or a person?

 After listening to many different bands and different types of music I found some hardcore bands and started to go on hardcore shows as well and really enjoyed it. So I think I slipped somehow into hardcore.


5.What do you do guys, when you are not touring?

 - Everyone is working (shopkeeper and that stuff) except for me, I’m studying photography, cause I´m quite younger than the others haha. Arthur has a record label called „Last Note Records“ with some awesome bands on this label. Beside skating and playing video games I’m booking shows in Vienna and started a record label called „Featherlight Records“ with Mikey from New Native/Grey Years.

6.If you have got some last words go on!

- Don´t do unto others what you would not have done unto you, so  

don´t be a dick. Thank you.


1. So first can you introduce yourself, your band and how band created?

 I am Justice from Angel Du$t. We’re a hardcore punk rock band created for the purpose of making people slam in the mosh pit. 


2. I ask this question only for fun, if you have listen to only one album for the rest of your life, what it would be and why?

 This is such a tough one. The answer could change any time, but right now ill go with the misfits - static age. It’s so dynamic and explores so many feelings. It’s dark and scary, but warm and welcoming.


3. Can you reccomend us some bands to check out? Your favorite, new ones, old ones..

 I love take offense, Turnstile, Give, Cruel Hand, Rival Mob; but I’m sure you are familiar with most of them. Some cool newer bands that I like who may be flying under the radar include King 9, Criminal instinct, Freedom, Beware, Caught in a Crowd, Hard Stripes, and Friend or Foe. As for the classics we all know and love The Ramones, Black Flag, Bad Brains, Madball, Breakdown, Terror.


4. What are band future plans?

 We just recorded and LP that should be out in a few months. Going to tour a lot in the US when that comes out, we’re going to Europe with turnstile in August, then we’re basically open to playing anywhere to anyone who wants to hear us play our stupid songs.


5. What do you think about oppression of girls in hardcore scene?

 - I think it does exist in the hardcore scene, but less than it does in the rest of the world. I feel like that type of behavior has existed in the world since always, but in a place like the hardcore scene we do have a few more enlightened and considerate people. Although it is still a problem everywhere, including our hardcore scene, and that is a battle we have to keep fighting worldwide until everyone knows better.


6. What is hardcore scene in your hometown?

In Baltimore, where I’m from, its small and everyone knows everyone. Bands like next step up, stout, and harsh truth set a precedent of heavy groovy styled hardcore similar but still very different from the style coming from New York. Today a band like turnstile or piece keeper carries that sound out in a way that is modern and original. But Baltimore is not exclusive to that sound we have lots of dynamic bands like mindset, give, praise, peace, in between, and so on. Everyone knows everyone. When I was a kid, Baltimore was a lot scrappier. People liked to fight. Though, in 2014, I feel like the hardcore scene is more welcoming then ever.


7. What do you do when you are not touring?

 - I don’t know. When I’m not on tour I have no idea what to do with myself! I spent the last 6 months writing music in my room alone for 5-8 hours a day. I lift weights a little. I work odd jobs here and there I get by. I just barely get by financially. I’m broke and that’s ok. I’ve been moving around a lot. Moved from Baltimore to Richmond to Atlanta back to Baltimore recently. Now I don’t know where I live. I have good friends and my family who let me sleep on their couches. It’s getting to the time in my life where I know I have to focus on making money and building a life for myself, but I won’t do it unless it allows me to make music on my terms.


8. Tell us about your 2 favorite songs from Xtra-raw (btw. incredibly perfect album) and whats the story behind the lyrics?


- Cool question! My favorite songs would maybe be ”rage” and ”jean shorts”. Both have good energy and the lyrics are about being so mad. The general idea for the lyrics and the record was to find a minimalistic approach to saying the things that we all think while trying to say it in a different way than other bands in 2014. Some of the lyrics are about sex and love. Some appear to be about sex when they are not. ”Extra raw” is about keeping hardcore stripped down and influenced by punk, but its meant to sound like its about having unprotected sex.


9. Thank you so much for your time! I cant wait to hear some new songs from Angel Du$t, of you have got some last words go on!


Thanks for taking time to ask and hear what I think. Hardcore punk rock is cool. Squat below parallel. Take care of your pets and respect your mother. Very cool interview! I enjoyed the questions. Thanks!!


1. Hey quys, what are you doing right now? When you are not touring or in a concert?
- We are currently in the works of recording another song, or a few of them and hopefully releasing one. We’re not on tour at the moment, and are just playing shows as they come. 

2. So who is Upperground, tell us about band history? And how was created name of your band - Upperground?
We’re just 4 good friends who really enjoy listening to, and playing hardcore music I guess. Not much band history as of yet, we only started 3 or 4 months ago! 

But it started with me just telling our guitarist, Harry, that I wanna start a band and he just took my idea and made it into reality, it was really cool to see it unravel so quickly. 
Our name came from us standing in an elevator as our bassist Aron pressed the upperground level button in the lift and he just kinda blurted out the idea of it being our band name, we all laughed at first, but then it stuck.

3. Why female vocals? 

- It’s not something we even thought about. We didn’t start this band because I am a novelty, or a benchmark for women in hardcore, it was just like, you know, I wanna play this music, let’s just do it.

4. What do you think about oppression of girls in hardcore scene?

- I think misogyny is extremely prevalent within our hardcore community internationally, but in juxtaposition, I also think it is rapidly evolving into a place of acceptance. It’s weird, because also, in retrospect.

 I don’t think women would have such an impact within hardcore, if it weren’t so out of place and unaccepted. 

5.Who showed you hardcore music? And recommend us please some of your favorite bands.

My brother, who plays drums, he introduced me to hardcore and I’m very glad he did. Some personal favourites of mine would include: Warbrain, Survival, Legions, Imprisoned, Mood Swing, Downside, Leeway, Turnstile, Cruel Hand. 

6. Trapped Under Ice or Rotting out?

-Trapped Under Ice

7. Bad Brains of Black Flag?

- I don’t listen to either in all honesty haha

8. Thanks for interview, last words or shout outs?

Yeah, just a big, general shout out to anyone who has even given our release a listen and not liked it at all. We’re really happy people are giving it a go, that is enough for us, so thank you. . And thank you for your time!